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Secret #50

Secret #8 stated it is not necessary or even a good idea to make a tight knot when tying a balloon.  With a normal knot, you can actually roll the nozzle knot toward the nozzle to lengthen your balloon by an inch – and it is easy to do!

Hold the balloon with your non-dominate hand.  Lightly position your dominate thumb and pointer finger on the inflated side of the nozzle knot.  Pull and the knot will actually roll toward the nozzle.

The knot tightens as it moves.  You only get to pull the knot once.  So, get all the length you need – or can get – the first time.

I use this most commonly when my mermaid tail starts to get a little tight.  By rolling the nozzle knot, air filling the new length relieves the stress of the balloon.  I avoid a pop.

Another common use is when I teach children to make a one-twist sword.  In every class, invariably I’ll have a couple of boys with sword handles too short to grasp.  Rolling the nozzle adds length and makes for an amazed and happy sword-owner.

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